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We offer a range of software configurations to suit your needs. All optional features are available seperately, but for your convenience we have put together 3 "flavors" of BadgeBuilder which include our most popular options, to suit various budgets. These packages we call "Classic", "Select" and "Elite" and you can click the tabs below to see which suits your needs best.

CLASSIC BadgeBuilder®
An entry-level system for smaller organizations. Create professional PVC Photo ID Badges at a budget price. Badges can include text, photographs, logo images, bar-codes and graphics.

Classic includes features like unlimited badge designs, multiple database type support, magnetic stripe encoding*, dossiers, and TWAIN, MCI, VFW and file import support for photograph capture.

This is the right software for those with a limited budget or who do not need special features. Due to the modular approach we have used, your "Classic" can have any additional modules added to it, as needed, just by ordering an activation code from us. Nothing to download or ship!

Plus these specialized badging software configurations

Quickly take control of any emergency situation, increase personnel safety and tracking accountability with TeamTracer®.

Powerful, accurate and easy-to-learn, TeamTracer® offers an affordable emergency respondent management and tracking solution for any size and type emergency department.

Take control of visitors at any size organization with this complete, network-ready software visitor tracking and management system.

Employees can manage their visitor appointments directly from their networked PC. Front desk personnel quickly create visitor badges and vehicle parking passes on any Windows-based printer, available separately. Tracks when visitors leave the building and provides reports of visitor activity.

BadgeBuilder is used by ... Hauppauge, NY Public School District ... Lough County Hospital (Ireland) ... American Film Institute ... Sonitrol Corporation ... Frito-Lay, Inc. ... Great Dane Trailers ... Blue Grass Army Depot ...

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