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BadgeBuilder comes in 3 versions to suit your needs. These are called Elite, Select and Classic. For a chart indicating the differences between each version please click here.

Our top-of-the-line software package.

BadgeBuilder® Elite comes with all available optional security feature modules as well as an additional security key to run a second PC networked to your main BadgeBuilder® Station.

Attach to or import data from ODBC compliant databases, allowing quick and easy database setup.

BadgeBuilder® Select provides the most popular options, including video capture, TWAIN acquisition, bitmap importing and Video For Windows image capture, as well as magnetic encoding, double-sided printing, reports and dossiers. (Some options require additional hardware.)

Attach to or import data from ODBC compliant databases, allowing quick and easy database setup.

BadgeBuilder® Classic is an entry-level package with professional-level features. Is is designed to create photo ID cards and badges with the ability to import, export or attach to existing data sources.

Classic is fully upgradeable and can be enhanced with the addition of drop-in modules.

BadgeBuilder Extension Products

Quickly take control of any emergency situation, increase personnel safety and tracking accountability with TeamTracer®.

Powerful, accurate and easy-to-learn, TeamTracer® offers an affordable emergency respondent management and tracking solution for any size and type emergency department.

Take control of visitors at any size organization with this complete, network-ready software visitor tracking and management system.

Employees can manage their visitor appointments directly from their networked PC. Front desk personnel quickly create visitor badges and vehicle parking passes on any Windows-based printer, available separately. Tracks when visitors leave the building and provides reports of visitor activity.


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