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BadgeBuilder Central Database Storage Service BadgeBuilder Central Database Storage Service
Multiple Station Access To The Same Badge Database
If you need to access the same badge database from multiple BadgeBuilder stations then our Central Database Storage Service can fill that need. Once access to the service has been configured, you can create and access the badge database from any BadgeBuilder station having Internet connectivity.

Unlimited Number Of Central Badge Databases
You can create as many badge databases as you wish on our central server, paying only for disk storage and data transmission charges. The central databases are password secured, and data transmission is fully encrypted using SSL technology, ensuring complete privacy of your information.

Local Mirroring Of Central Badge Databases
Starting with Version 5.40, you can now take a local mirror snapshot of your database, no matter where it is stored. This snapshot can be used when access to the central database is not available. The mirror database can be used to search for and print badges even when access to the central database is not available. A synchronization features easily allows you to keep the local mirror copy up-to-date.

The Main Features and Benefits Of Central Badge Databases

  • Multiple BadgeBuilder stations have access to the same badge database
  • Secure transmission and storage of all information
  • Complete and regular backup of all badge databases
  • Local badge database mirroring feature for when remote access is not available
  • Unlimited number of badge databases
  • Reasonable costs for data transmission and storage

Sign Up For Central Badge Databases
If you would like to sign up for this service please use our Contact Us form. You will receive full information on the cost of the service and our consulting fees to help you set up your systems.

To use this service you must be running BadgeBuilder Version 5.40 or later.


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