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BadgeBuilder® Frequently Asked Questions

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Problems and Solutions

This section contains questions and answers which relate to known bugs in BadgeBuilder® or its associated software packages, for all versions.


  Topic: Backgrounds/Bitmaps Display Incorrectly

I've added a JPG image to a Bitmap rectangle or the background of my card and the image isn't displaying correctly/it crashed BadgeBuilder. How can I fix this?


There are several JPG color-encoding formats that will give BadgeBuilder trouble with display. These include:

  • CMYK Color-Encoding
  • Grayscale Color-Encoding

If you experience a crash or corrupted display of a bitmap rectangle or card background, we suggest that you convert the image to 24-bit, RGB color-encoded. This should display and work normally

  Topic: Barcodes don't print on a Fargo DTC550

When using a Fargo DTC 550 printer, barcodes that appear on the screen will not print out.


Fargo acknowledged this as a problem in Aug 2007. The driver that ships with the printer may not include the fix. Please make certain to download the very latest driver from Fargo which should correct the problem. Drivers should be available here.

If you continue to have problems and contact Fargo support, reference case #145632 to assist in their understanding of it being a printer driver issue and not a problem with BadgeBuilder.

  Topic: Barcodes wont print on Magicard Printers

When using Magicard's version 2.x printer driver, certain barcodes including Extended Code 3 of 9, EAN8 & EAN13 will not print on the card.

The barcodes will display fine on the screen and will print to other printers just fine.



UPDATED Nov 8, 2019

There is an issue with the 2.x series driver that incorrectly detects a ~ character in barcodes and text fields as mag encoding data.

You can address this problem with the following procedure using any version of BadgeBuilder:

  1. Open your database in BadgeBuilder
  2. Open the BadgeBuilder "Print" dialog
  3. Click the "Printer Setup" button
  4. In the "Print Setup" dialog, click "Properties..."
  5. In the "Magicard Rio Pro Properties" dialog, go to "Encoding"
  6. On the "Encoding" screen, click the "Advanced" button near the bottom right
  7. In the "Advanced Encoding" dialog, change the "Start Character(s)" from ~ to ^
  8. Click "OK" to close the "Advanced Encoding" dialog.
  9. Click "OK" to close the "Magicard Rio Pro Properties" dialog
  10. Click "OK" to close the "Print Setup" dialog
  11. Click "Print" to print the badge on the printer

Note that this change you make here will only persist during this session of BadgeBuilder. To make it permanent, separately go in and change the same setting in the Magicard Rio Pro via Windows' Devices and Printers area.

IMPORTANT: If you ARE mag encoding cards, please see the Mag Encoding section below. Otherwise you are done.


If you are mag encoding cards, the procedure above will stop that from working. This is because there is now a mismatch between what BadgeBuilder sends to the printer to indicate the start of mag encoding data and what the printer driver expects for the start of mag encoding data.

To address this, we have released version 6.1.12 of BadgeBuilder which contains a new feature to allow you to match the revised encoding start character with that in the driver.

To make this adjustment in BadgeBuilder:

  1. Open your database in BadgeBuilder
  2. Go to the "Configuration" menu and select "Set Magnetic Encoding"
  3. In the "Magnetic Encoding Configuration" dialog, make certain that the Printer Type is "Magicard (High Coercivity)"
  4. Go to the "Customization" section and change the "Start Character(s)" from ~ to ^
  5. Click "OK" to save the change

This change will match the adjustment to the Magicard printer driver above and will ensure that ONLY data designated for encoding in BadgeBuilder will be encoded.

NOTE: If for some reason you are using the ^ character on your badge in text or a barcode, please select another character or group of characters that is unique and substitute that for the ^ in both the driver and BadgeBuider Mag Encoding settings.

To download the latest release of BadgeBuilder, please visit:

  Topic: CD install error on 64-Bit Windows 7

When inserting the BadgeBuilder CD into the drive of a 64-bit Windows 7 PC, you get an error message indicating the setup program cannot run.


On CD's burned prior to 9/15/2010, the opening 'splash' screen program is incompatible with 64-bit Windows 7. To work-around this issue, you may install BadgeBuilder directly by simply browsing the contents of the CD and drilling down to find the setup program in the following folders:

  • BBEngl.ish
    • CDROM
      • Setup.exe

The program installation will operate normally in 64-bit Windows 7.

  Topic: "Cursor Type Changed" in SQL Server

When attaching to a database in Microsoft SQL Server using BadgeBuilder 6.x, a message appears saying "Cursor Type Changed" when opening the database or adding/updating/deleting a record.


BadgeBuilder expects that the Datakey field will include a unique index on it. When the index is not present because the database table was created outside of BadgeBuilder, SQL Server changes the cursor type. The result, while completely benign, is an error message alerting the user that the cursor type has changed.

The fix for this problem is to add a unique index to the datakey field using the SQL Server managment interface.

  Topic: HD Image CAM PRO Crash

I've installed the HD Image CAM PRO software and now BadgeBuilder crashes when I try to take a picture


The HD Image CAM PRO software is NOT required and will cause issues with image capture in BadgeBuilder. Drivers for the camera are BUILT-IN to Windows.

Since the HD Image CAM PRO software contains no drivers for the hardware, you should completely uninstall the HD Image CAM PRO software and then reboot your computer. BadgeBuilder should now capture images normally with no crash.

  Topic: Intermittent SPOOLSV.EXE error

Sometimes when I am printing with my Magicard Rio/Tango printer, I receive a Windows error referencing SPOOLSV.EXE. What is this and what can I do?


In rare instances, there is a USB incompatibility between the computer and the printer that causes the problem. If you experience this problem, using the parallel port interface rather than USB should solve the problem.

Open Document Topic: Magicard printer won't print

My Ultra Magicard Printer won't print in Windows Vista after installing Service Pack 1.


Please read the attached official workaround from Ultra.

  Topic: MySQL Error in Windows XP

If you are connecting to MySQL using the Mysql v5.x ODBC driver in Windows XP, you may receive the following error when trying to create or connect to a database:

"ERROR: The database type (?) associated with this data source does not have the necessary capabilities or was not created successfully. Please try again."



This occurs due to a bug with the MySQL ODBC driver and USER style Data Source in Windows XP. To work around the problem, please use a SYSTEM or FILE Data Source instead.

  Topic: ODBC Administration in 64-bit Windows

If you use the standard ODBC administrator in Control Panel - Administrative Tools in Windows 7 64-bit, you will find that you cannot see all of your ODBC data sources and drivers (such as Microsoft Access).


This happens because the default ODBC manager in 64-bit Windows is the 64-bit version. BadgeBuilder is a 32-bit program, so it needs the 32-bit ODBC manager.

In order to run the 32-bit ODBC manager that contains all the drivers that BadgeBuilder uses, please do the following:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button
  2. In the "Search programs and files" box, enter: c:\windows\syswow64\odbcad32
  3. Hit Enter

The 32-bit ODBC manager, which looks visually identical to the 64-bit version, should display all of your data sources and drivers.

  Topic: Oracle 11g Invalid ROWID Error

Using the Oracle 11g ODBC driver provided by Oracle, the following error occurs when attempting to open an Oracle database using BadgeBuilder: ORA-01410: invalid ROWID


The Oracle 11g ODBC driver has a bug that prevents it from working properly. While Oracle is aware of the problem (Oracle Bug ID's 11776121 & 12615964), they have not corrected it as of late December 2011.

We have tested the Progress Data Direct Oracle ODBC driver and can confirm that it works properly in all respects while talking to exactly the same Oracle server as the Oracle-supplied ODBC driver. Please visit the Data Direct Channel Partners web page to find a reseller.

Prior versions of Oracle, including 10g, have been tested and do not exhibit this problem.

  Topic: Oracle Connect Error in 64-bit Windows

When attempting to connect BadgeBuilder to an Oracle database in 64-bit Windows installations, you get a "Database Type (?) associated with this data source does not have the necessary capabilities or was not created successfully." error.

This behavior has been specifically noted in the Oracle 10g Client, but may apply to other revisions versions also.


Due to a bug in Oracle, programs installed in a folder with parenthesis in the name cause the database connection to fail. Because the default installation location for 32-bit programs in 64-bit Windows is c:\Program Files (x86)\, BadgeBuilder is normally installed in this folder. This triggers the error and prevents Oracle from connecting.

To correct this issue, uninstall BadgeBuilder using the Windows Control Panel Uninstall capability. Once uninstalled, install BadgeBuilder again into a different folder that does NOT contain parenthesis (such as c:\Program Files\).

Once installed, attempt to connect to Oracle again through BadgeBuilder. After logging in, the connection to the database should now succeed.

  Topic: Program crash during signature capture

You are using a Topaz signature capture device along with the WinTab driver and every time you attempt to capture a signature, BadgeBuilder® crashes.


This happens on some systems when the WinTab32.dll driver is installed in its default Windows location. This location varies depending on the bit structure of your Windows installation:

  • On 32-bit systems: c:/windows/system32
  • On 64-bit systems, c:/windows/SysWOW64

NOTE: If you have had a crash of the system, you MUST reboot BEFORE taking the next step.

The process you should follow is to locate the WinTab32.dll driver in the appropriate folder above and move it to:

  • On 32-bit systems: c:/program files/badging/badgebuilder [classic|select|elite]/
  • On 64-bit systems: c:/program files (x86)/badging/badgebuilder [classic|select|elite]/

Please try your signature capture again. If you can now capture signatures, you are done and do not need to read further.

If you are still having trouble with crashing after moving the file:

  • With BadgeBuilder closed, please rename WinTab32.dll to WinTab32.dllx
  • Start BadgeBuilder. Go to the signature capture area and attempt to capture a signature. It should not crash and you should be able to sign with your mouse/touchpad.
  • Close BadgeBuilder
  • Rename WinTab32.dllx back to WinTab32.dll
  • Open BadgeBuilder and test to see if the signature capture now works without crashing

If you continue to have problems, please contact support

Open Document Topic: Setup crash in Windows 2003 Server

I'm running Windows 2003 Server with Terminal Services enabled. When I try to: a.) use program setup, b.) select a TWAIN source or c.) capture a picture from a TWAIN source in BadgeBuilder, the program crashes.


TWAIN compatibilty is incomplete on Windows 2003 Server when Terminal Services is enabled. When BadgeBuilder tries to access TWAIN settings or sources, it is unable to do so and the program does not handle the lack of access gracefully. To correct this, there is a Windows Registry entry that enables proper TWAIN access for BadgeBuilder. To add this registry entry, download the file attached to this FAQ using the link on the file image.

Once downloaded, make sure BadgeBuilder is closed and then double-click the file to add the entry to the registry. Please answer 'Yes' when asked if you are certain you wish to add the entry. Restart BadgeBuilder and confirm that you now have access to the Program Setup menu as well as to TWAIN image capture.

This fix applies to all versions of BadgeBuilder prior to v5.62 running on Windows 2003 Server with Terminal Services enabled. All other versions of Windows including 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2000 and Server 2008 appear unaffected and we do not recommend the use of this fix on those versions.

  Topic: TeamTracer Crash with Microsoft SQL

When using the Microft SQL Server and the "Native Client" ODBC driver (sqlncli.dll), opening the TeamTracer Action Capture dialog causes a program crash.


Please use the standard "SQL Server" ODBC driver (sqlsrv32.dll) for your connection to SQL Server instead.

  Topic: Transparent items don't print correctly

A card that uses a Bitmap-type box in BadgeBuilder® with Transparency to the background turned on will correctly display on the screen. However, when the card is printed, you get a solid color where the transparency should allow the background or element underneath to show through.


Microsoft introduced a bug in Windows 10 with the patches released on March 9th and March 15th, 2021. As of the date of this bulletin, a fix is in progress at Microsoft that should correct this problem.

We will post again when Microsoft has released a patch that corrects the problem.

UPDATE (April 7, 2021)

Microsoft has issued a patch which fixes the transparency issue during printing.

For Windows 10 Builds 2004 and 20H2

The official Microsoft article about the patch is:

The standard Windows 10 update panel may not offer this update. If this is the case, you will need to download and install it manually. The update can be downloaded from here:

You will need to select the correct update based on your current Windows build and PC architecture. If you are not familiar with this information, we recommend you reach out to a IT advisor for assistance.

For Windows 10 Builds 1903 and 1909

The same problem was caused on the 19XX builds. They have a similar patch but the KB numbers are different.

The official Microsoft article about the patch is:

The standard Windows 10 update panel may not offer this update. If this is the case, you will need to download and install it manually. The update can be downloaded from here:

You will need to select the correct update based on your current Windows build and PC architecture. If you are not familiar with this information, we recommend you reach out to a IT advisor for assistance.

As always, we strongly urge that you take a full backup of your computer PRIOR to any updates on the off-chance that the Windows update goes badly.

  Topic: Trouble with Sophos and license dongle

When trying to use BadgeBuilder with a SafeNet security dongle plugged into a USB port on your PC, you may notice one or more of the folllowing issues:

  • BadgeBuilder starts in DEMO mode even though you have the full program
  • BadgeBuilder starts and allows you to login but then becomes non-responsive shortly afterwards
  • BadgeBuilder comes up with an error indicating that the security dongle is no longer present
  • BadgeBuilder comes up with a dialog indicating your dongle is not for the right version and presents a dongle number of 0



It would appear that the Sophos suite of anti-virus/malware/spyware on Windows10 interferes with the connection between the program and the USB dongle. You can prove this by uninstalling Sophos and seeing that normal BadgeBuilder operation is restored.

Please try a different anti-virus suite or contact Sophos for support.

If you MUST use Sophos on the PC in question, you can install the BadgeBuilder Dongle Server application on another PC in the same subnet as the PC you wish to use for BadgeBuilder. Once installed, plug the USB dongle into that machine. BadgeBuilder will scan the network subnet for available dongles and will use the one provided by the other PC via the dongle server application.


  Topic: TWAIN issue with Integral Flashbus Lite

In Windows NT, the TWAIN driver will not function correctly with BadgeBuilder.


Windows NT incorrectly tries to start the 16-bit TWAIN driver and not the 32-bit driver. To correct this, find and rename or remove the "twunk_16.exe" file from your system.

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