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BadgeBuilder® Frequently Asked Questions

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Q & A Archive For Pre-V6 Releases

Questions and answers in this section only relate to versions of BadgeBuilder prior to V6.


  Topic: BadgeBuilder Dongle Driver Issues

BadgeBuilder gives a Dongle Not Found error (version 5.0+) OR comes up in DEMO mode (versions < 5.0) on Windows XP SP2 or later (Vista, 2003 Server, etc).


Older copies of BadgeBuilder include a version of the dongle driver that is not fully compatible with Windows XP SP2 or latest versions of Windows (including Vista). Depending on the exact version of BadgeBuilder you are running, this could result in BadgeBuilder coming up in DEMO mode (versions < 5.0) OR indicating that the Dongle could not be found and not running (version 5.0+).

The remedy for this is to make certain that the old driver is uninstalled and then installing the latest driver.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Driver (Windows XP)

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Locate and uninstall the Sentinel Protection Installer. The associated version is likely to be 7.1.0, but anything less than 7.5.0 should be removed.
  4. After successful uninstall, reboot the machine as indicated.
  5. After reboot, visit the website. Click on Support in the navigation.
  6. Once in the Support section, click on Latest Sentinel Driver from the Quick Links menu to download the most current driver.
  7. Once downloaded, run the installation of the driver program. A typical installation is fine - no custom selections are needed.
  8. When the installation is complete, reboot the machine as indicated.
  9. Run BadgeBuilder again. If the driver has installed correctly, BadgeBuilder should run normally and come up in BROWSE mode.


  Topic: Barcode Fonts Problems in V4.x

I have installed BadgeBuilder and am trying to use barcodes. However, whenever I display a card that should have a barcode, I get an error or it just displays "garbage" characters. What should I do?


The install for BadgeBuilder 4 may not properly register the barcode fonts in all versions of Windows. The following steps should be taken to remedy the problem:

- For Windows XP, simply rebooting the computer should register the fonts and allow BadgeBuilder to recognize them. Open BadgeBuilder to confirm proper barcode operation.

- For Windows versions prior to XP, you must do the following steps:

  1. Open the Windows fonts folder by click START - Run... and then typing "%windir%\fonts" (without the quotes) and clicking OK.
  2. Find, select and copy to your Windows Desktop all of the fonts in the folder that start with the word WASP
  3. Copy all of the resulting .TTF files from the Desktop back to the Fonts folder. You may see a dialog appear briefly as Windows processes the font files.
  4. When copying is complete, close the Fonts folder and delete any .TTF files left on the Desktop.

The font files should now be registered and installed with Windows. Open BadgeBuilder to confirm proper barcode operation.

Please note: If you cannot find the Wasp barcode fonts in your Windows Fonts folder, you can download them HERE.

  Topic: Crash on Printing in Windows Vista

I'm running Windows Vista and my copy of BadgeBuilder frequently crashes when I try to print.


A bug was discovered in BadgeBuilder v5.51 that caused intermittent crashing when trying to print. The bug appears to be mostly benign in pre-Vista environments, but all Vista Service Pack 1 systems appear very susceptible. The bug has been fixed beginning with v.5.52. If you are experiencing a crash on print, an upgrade to the latest version is strongly recommended. Upgrades are available here.

  Topic: Tryout Features and Printing

I was printing OK but now there is countdown dialog suggesting that my features are going away in a couple of more prints. Why is this happening?


In several versions of the software there is a bug that caused the optional features countdown to work even when the unpurchased features weren’t being tried. This message will go away and the program will continue to function normally. Some icons will go away when the message does. If a feature goes away that you believe you purchased, please contact your vendor to confirm. Have the serial number of the key ready in case they need it.

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