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Program Description

BadgeBuilder Visitor is a Microsoft Windows program which can be run on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.  It is designed to allow companies to manage their visitors and provides facilities to create visitor badges, parking permits and fireman's rosters.

It can be installed on a network as a multi-user program, or as a single user station at a receptionist's desk.  When installed on a network, employees can enter and maintain their own visitor appointments and be notified by email upon their visitor's arrival.

BadgeBuilder Visitor allows for three types of users:

1.  Employees - who can enter and maintain their appointments

2.  Receptionists - who can enter appointments, receive and sign out visitors and prepared visitor badges

3.  Administrators - who can manage databases, prepare reports and general oversee program operation.

BadgeBuilder Visitor maintains three tables in its database.  The employee table records users of the system; the visitor table contains information on visitors; and the appointment table contains appointments between the two.

Information in the employee table includes the employee's name, user name, encrypted password, department and other related details.  The visitor table includes the visitor's name, company, vehicle license number, telephone numbers and other information, included 2 fields the administrator can set up for his needs.  The appointment table stores details including the scheduled appointment date and time, the actual arrival time and when the visitor departed.

BadgeBuilder Visitor works in conjunction with BadgeBuilder at the reception desks and allows the capture of photographs of the visitor, scanning of materials such as driver's license and the acquisition of signatures, all of which are optional.  It can then create a variety of badges and permits.

The BadgeBuilder Visitor administrator can manage the database tables, set up information on the company, manage the BadgeBuilder Visitor licensing system and create a variety of reports.