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BadgeBuilder History

BadgeBuilder® was founded in 1994 in Milford, Massachusetts, specifically to develop the first MS Windows-based security ID badging software. As a subsidiary of New England Security & Communications, also located in Milford, Massachusetts, BadgeBuilder® utilizes NESC's 20+ years of experience and commercial alliances in the high technology security industry.

BadgeBuilder® and NESC are now part of the Ashdown Technologies, Inc. group located in Manchaug, Massachusetts.

We are, like our resellers, a group of people dedicated to satisfying the operational needs of clients who demand and deserve the best. Since the company's inception, we at BadgeBuilder® continuously enhance our software applications to ensure quality, intuitive products, integrating innovative features to contend with today's security issues. We also offer a complementary line of ID badge printers, video and image capture, and associated peripheral products.


New England Security and Communications is a registered vendor with the following agencies:
Homeland Security, FEMA, NSA and the Central Contractor Registry (CCR)

New England Security and Communications (NESC)
9 Main St, Suite 4B, Manchaug, MA 01526-0421, USA
Phone: 800-856-4735 or 508-476-9200
Fax: 508-476-9333

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