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About NESC

New England Security & Communications is the company which develops and markets BadgeBuilder® software. We can provide a complete range of hardware and software to implement your ID badging requirements.

Our philosophy is to help our clients identify, simplify, and satisfy their security photo ID needs. We understand the constantly changing security requirements of today's workplace, and that photo ID software is progressively more strategic to the safe operation of business.

Since 1994, BadgeBuilder® has supplied powerful and versatile photo ID solutions to organizations of all sizes. By incorporating cutting edge technologies, BadgeBuilder's secure credential applications simplify multi-faceted operations such as image and data capture, storage, management, identity verification, networking and accountability.

Using powerful database and networking features, BadgeBuilder® provides the ideal platform to easily create, edit and view data records which are shared on a centralized server between multiple users and security access levels. But BadgeBuilder® is not limited to just meeting the needs of large corporations, but the requirements of smaller organizations with stand alone or unique security needs as well.

Whether your organization is large or small, the key to advancement is the simplification and combination of tasks. BadgeBuilder® seamlessly integrates to access control, time and attendance, human resources systems or any other ODBC data source, eliminating the need for duplicate data.

BadgeBuilder® employs advanced identification technologies in its secure credential applications to produce solutions ranging from off-the-shelf badging software, to OEM and custom credential solutions that include personnel verification, accountability and encoding features. Providing solutions to a global marketplace, BadgeBuilder® is in use by government and state agencies, healthcare organizations, correctional institutions, universities, and large and small public and private organizations.

With the ability to create one card or tens of thousands, the versatility of BadgeBuilder® stands out from the crowd. Whether you need to create custom professional corporate ID's, membership cards, healthcare cards, licenses, loyalty tags, or any other solution which requires a database of cards, BadgeBuilder® is the tool of choice.


New England Security and Communications is a registered vendor with the following agencies:
Homeland Security, FEMA, NSA and the Central Contractor Registry (CCR)

New England Security and Communications (NESC)
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