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Badgebuilder® is the premiere badge creation software. It is a proven product and has been in use world-wide since 1994. It is regularly enhanced and maintained and provided every capability needed from a modern badge system.

We offer several standard configurations to meet most needs, but the product is fully configurable to meet any special requirements you may have. Please call 1-800-856-4735 if you have any questions about BadgeBuilder®.

If also want to manage your team the TeamTracer® is for you. This provides an easy-to-use system for monitoring and recording the assignment of team-members to an event. It provides accountability for teams of emergency responders, fire-fighters, bio-hazard cleanup teams and the like, while also providing the full features and capabilities of Badgebuilder®.

If you want the manage the visitors to your organization then BadgeBuilder® Visitor can help. Employees enter their own appointments and the receptionist signs the visitor in and makes them a temporary badge, all in one package.